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Welcome to Saint Anne Faith Formation!

Saint Anne Faith Formation is an opportunity for families to spend quality time together while both parents and children are growing in their faith. 

With the church representing the body of Christ, we are all parts of one body and, as such, it is important that all members participate in our faith community.  We cannot hope that our children will understand Christ’s message if we aren’t present to one another.  As such, it is vital that your family participate in daily and/or weekly Mass along with holy day observations and service opportunities as appropriate for family members of varying ages.  Your presence and participation will reinforce for your children the importance of prayer and worship as well as provide them a lived understanding of Christ in our world.

When designing our program, we considered family faith needs and how we could best deliver on them.

The boxes below contain summary information on the three components of our faith formation; please click on the title of the Gospel Weeklies and Finding God boxes for more detailed information on that component.

On the menu above, click on Calendar and then choose the week and grade to access the weekly activity menus.

Formation Components

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All can share in the readings, conversation, and thought-provoking reflection questions.

Discuss during a meal, in the car, while taking a walk or waiting in line.  Anyplace conducive to conversation!

Different perspectives from family members of all ages add to the richness of the conversation - we all learn from one another.

Activities for individuals, children, and the entire family.


Each unit has a general theme and begins with the story of a saint.

As much as possible, weekly Sessions have been aligned by topic across grades to facilitate family conversation, enabling families to learn and grow in faith together.

Explore, Reflect, and Respond sections can be completed on different days if schedules necessitate.

The separate activity sheet aids learning and retention.

With My Family activities are for individuals, children, and the entire family.

Interactive Session Reviews are completed by the child and emailed by the parent as follows:,

Follow your email address with a comma and no space before entering our address:



Wanderlight™: A Pilgrim’s Adventure provides a safe and healthy space for children to explore their faith and learn more about the Catholic church.

To play, go to

Saint Anne Account Code: 201319

User Name: 

Child's first name and last initial


Child's six-digit birthdate as mmddyy

Important note:  Wanderlight™ can be played on a computer or a tablet.  For tablets, download the game from the App Store or Google Play. 

Please note that the game can not be played on a phone.

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